John Paul Larson JP Larson Graphic Designer

Mid Valley Trails Mobile Design
Mid Valley Trails

Mid Valley Trails

May 2014

  • Collaboration
  • Art Direction
  • Programming
  • Photography
Chemeketa Community College
VC239 Web Design 3
Peter Hoelter
UI Designer
Eleizer Vasquez
Kevin Graves


Mid Valley Trails is a final group project from Web Design 3 at Chemeketa Community College. Our task was to create a mid-Willamette Valley guided tour site. We were to use Geo-location to display information about a specific subject. Our goal was to use mobile devices in creating a website with a physical experience.


Five local parks were selected to be integrated into our tour website. The main recreational trails were mapped with Illustrator and overlapped onto Google maps. Using the mobile devices GPS web pages are dynamically loaded into the UI. This gives the website a simple one tap approach to navigation.

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